Post AquaDao SIREN Call Notes - 001

Yesterday we had our first AquaDAO Governance Call. Thank you to everyone who came and participated!

Links to the governance call is as linked: Aqua DAO SIREN Call 001 Slides

On SIREN Call 001, we provided project updates and primarily discussed the activities of the AquaDAO. It was great to finally meet the community that we have been interacting with.

Our next steps before our next call

  • Set up the treasury for AquaDAO through a Gnosis Safe Multi-sig
  • Figure out the best way to assess community contribution
  • New names for the Growth team + Community contribution team
  • Work on getting first community proposals started

There is already a foundation multi-signature wallet. Please provide the multi-sig address and the holders of the keys for transparency.

Please provide information about any funds that will be added to the treasury and where.

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Let me know if you need help planning the next community call. There’s a lot of precedence here to follow, and this didn’t seem targeted towards specific goals with respect to moving the project forward.

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