SIP-10 Polling for New AMM Pools

After the massive interest in our SUSHI pools, we are expanding our offerings. Please review and choose coins for new AMM pools. Voting will close on 03/11/21 19:00 UTC. We anticipate being able to deploy one new coin by the end of this week.

  • AAVE
  • UNI
  • SNX
  • COMP
  • YFI

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I would like to propose that AMP be added to this list.

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Same here, I was just about to ask the same question.

Good idea, that’ll go in the next batch of voting

I propose GRT at this time.

I’d love to have REN in the Siren options markets.

Idea here: Would it be possible to make this process of adding new AMM pools as a competition among these proposed projects so that they encourage their following to participate in the polls? If they win, they will have their token listed in Siren markets, which will open the opportunity for them to earn SI rewards in the liquidity pools. It’s a clear win for them and for us as we get exposure in other crypto communities.

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I LOVE this idea!! Would be a bit of a lift to implement but could be really cool

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Would every DeFi pool last only a week with rewards then?

Is there a clear table about when rewards start and end per pool? That would go a long way

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