SIP-3: Collateral Integration

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sip: 3
title: Collateral Integration
status: Proposed
author: Swiss Miss (@swiss-miss)
contributors: Elon Musk, Ozzy Osborne
discussions-to: Here
created: 2020-12-5
updated: n/a


MIP6: Maker Collateral Application

Simple Summary

This consitutes the collateral onboarding process for Siren Markets and provides a formal procedure the review and acceptance of aforementioned collateral.


Siren Markets allows for the provision of assets, in a retrievable manner, to provide liquidity to the market with the goal of enabling a stable marketplace. The more liquidity is provisioned to the platform, the greater stability it can attain. At launch, a USDC-WBTC market is supported. In order to enable additional markets, such as $YFI, $MKR, or $WFIL there must be a formal procedure for the evaluation and addition of the asset. This must be done in order to ensure that only assets that have sufficient support and demand are added to the platform.

Application Process

Assets are evaluated based on three pillars: Demand, Technology and Prevalence.


Name and ticker of Asset:
Etherscan (or similar) link to asset:

  1. Please provide your understanding of the Siren Markets protocol and why you believe it to be a high quality solution.
  2. Please provide a high-level description of the asset
  3. Please describe yourself (or your company) and your history with the Siren Protocol.
  4. Please describe your relation to the underlying asset.
  5. Please provide a whitepaper or similar documentation for the asset.
  6. Please provide all the social media or community links for the asset.
  7. What is 7+4?


  1. Please provide information on why you believe this asset will be successful in the siren markets ecosystem.
  2. Please provide information about what markets you believe will be successful and why.
  3. Please provide information about any pre-existing or pre-comitted demand for the integration of the asset.
  4. Please provide information on why you believe this asset will make siren markets a more successful ecosystem player.


  1. Please provide information on the underlying technology.
  2. Please provide information about why the underlying technology is the best.
  3. Please explain why the underlying asset is a good culture fit for this project.
  4. Please provide the necessary information to prove that the underlying asset is sufficiently decentralized.


  1. Please provide information to prove the prevalence and wide-spread adoption of this product.
  2. Please provide a brief history of this asset and why you feel it can achieve widespread adoption.
  3. Please provide information about the aggregate social media following of the underlying asset.
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Good idea; voted Yay. :+1:

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You could think about adding a “Security” section, which could include audits, common attack vectors, black swan situations and how they are dealt with / tackled by the technological design of the system etc.
Imo that should be part of the vetting process as available collateral should be as safe as possible.
Could also add some small factors like time of operation (how long the protocol is online for without attacks), whether some code was forked…
Thinking out loud.
Good idea!


this is good feedback - thanks, will include.

This proposal has been Implemented .