SIP Process Clean Up

Dear Sirenians,

Around February / March we lost Rand Hydra in the dark water catacombs to a dirtwater wraith, RIP. Since then the SIP process has not been followed. We can see that SIPs 7-13 are missing despite their listing on the governance forums.

In an effort to get the SIP process into good standing, all SIPs from the governance forums have been added onto separate branches. The transparency around this process is very important, which is why this post is being written. Here is the process, we’ll use SIP-7 as an example:

  • The text of SIP-7, found here will be copied and added as a separate branch in the GitHub.

  • Where the SIP is not formatted properly, such as with SIP-7, it will be formatted with (at least) the header. In order to maintain a clear log of edits, all other additions will occur on a separate commit from the root commit. This will help if reconciliation with the original governance post is required. As an example, SIP-7 had a header added and some headlines were made bold.

    Additionally, the SIP number was set with the correct number, the authors name is adapted (there is no way to verify if they have a GitHub name) the title is directly from the forum post, as is the comments URI. The status is set as proposed so that it can go through the SIP process appropriately, and the date of creation is pulled from the original post.

  • I know URL’s are a no-no in commits, but in order to enable easier tracking, the URL is included in the initial commit. If any substantial edits need to occur (and I don’t expect that to be the case), this should happen on a separate commit to maintain a clear record.

  • This branch will be unique and will follow through with the proper pull request process per SIP-1.

As of now there are SIPs in the proposal state for all SIPs found on this governance channel that were previously missing or untracked.

Next steps:

  • The list of proposal reviewers needs to be updated, there will be some community outreach to evaluate who may be the interested in participating and reviewing these.
  • @Dalakos and myself will be reviewing all the SIPs and taking them through the process in accordance with SIP-1.
  • If there is any feedback or any concerns, please chime in.