SIP Proposal: Additional Assets

I would like to open for discussion the expansion of token offerings. Specifically I would like to discuss adding COMP and AMP. I believe that there is case to be made that these assets are high quality and sufficiently liquid to be considered for inclusion.

Which other assets should be considered? I think we should move quickly to include all “Blue Chip” protocols with sufficient liquidity. Each asset brings with it a community of supporters (and haters) that would then be able to take positions based upon their biases. This would drive usage, awareness, and adoption of the Siren protocol; which, IMO, can only be a good thing.


We’re currently working on a major protocol upgrade to realize the full vision that incorporates the major learnings from operating it in production for the last several months. This will be a major upgrade that changes the pricing of options and will require all markets to be shut down temporarily. This is planned early next year. We’re delaying adding new assets until then to minimize the disruption caused by the upgrade. Once the new version is released the plan is to rapidly expand into more assets.