SIREN Grants Round 001

As per SIP-14 SIREN Grants Program was initiated to further the value of SIREN community and its outreach. We realise the need to further our marketing efforts and will be funding further grants in the upcoming quarter.
We are glad to announce that the first round have been paid out to several community members

Gnosis MultiSig Address: 0x1d4Fd0C523eA28e31B2D70203A35A285E3a25585

  • Anon for creating a Discord Twitter Bot (600 SI)
  • Genesis Volatility for their upcoming Youtube content regarding SIREN and Options Trading (2000 SI)
  • 50% of the participants for attending the first SIREN community Call (50 SI each)

Pending / To queue

  • @deepseaAlchemist for this committed memes contribution.
  • Rest of the first SIREN community call attendees

We really appreciate these contributions and are always open to funding initiatives to help the deep sea of options and SIREN.