Siren Tokenomics

A place for all to discuss Tokenomics for Siren and how incentives should be structured moving forward to help the protocol grow.

Ok, I have been doing some research on the token models of other projects. I do not like the idea of an expansionary token model, but I do like the idea of smoothing the yields out for LP’s. I think it’s possible to do both.

We the community should look hard at the Flexa/AMP tokenomics. They have issued 100b total tokens and have a long distribution plan/curve. Currently they offer staking that is subsidized and distributed to stakers. I think it would be possible to modify their model and offer single sided staking in a manner that is similar to theirs.

We could issue tokens 1:1, 1:10, 1:100 to existing holders and then open up single sided staking for holders of the resultant tokens. Community funds (and eventually fees converted back into the resulting token) could be distributed to those stakers providing the collateral.


I like JD’s input regarding the revamp of the tokenomics. Rewarding investors who have believed in the project early and stayed the course with a redistribution of 1:2 or 1:100 or anything in between would promote long term staking and LPs.